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Nowadays, more and more parents and educators are noticing the shortcomings and drawbacks of the conventional pre-schools and schools. People see and are aware that the existing education system provided by the state more often than not is incapable of giving the child the most crucial things – self-esteem, willpower and independence. These are the traits which are going to determine and shape the child's entire future! 

Klasiskās izglītības sistēmas pieeja

Approach by the conventional education system

The conventional education system approach is guided by “reinforcement and one-sided upbringing”, whereas the guiding motto of Maria Montessori's pedagogical system is: “Help me to help alone!” This approach facilitates the child's self-awareness and the consolidation of his or her identity.

The child is given a freedom of choice

When the Montessori educational approach is used correctly, it allows the child to think and act independently and results in the willingness to master new skills and make discoveries. A child, when in a prepared environment, is able to become used to freedom and the commitments undertaken on his or her own. An educator or a parent plays a helper's role – by coming to assistance when it is necessary, by jointly overcoming difficulties and by encouraging the child to find their own solution, yet without interfering with the child's activities where there is no good reason.

During the past 5-7 years, in Latvia the number of people who want to give their children alternative education or combine it with conventional education has notably increased. No education system can do without its own teaching aids, and Maria Montessori's system is no exception. The pioneer manufacturers of teaching aids developed by Maria Montessori are still there in Europe, ever since the early years of the past century, and their growth has been successful. Yet, their prices tend to be rather high and not affordable to a wider user base.

We are a young company, which was created with the goal of offering all interested customers high quality Montessori teaching aids from China.

The manufacturing giant China, for the last few decades, has announced itself as a stable leader in nearly all sectors of manufacturing. This is also true for manufacturing of the teaching aids developed by Maria Montessori, and they have become affordable to a broader customer base, while the quality is comparable or even identical to that offered by European manufacturers.

When selecting the suppliers for smartandplay.com, we scrutinized the quality of goods, their compliance with the European Union standards and certifications.

We indeed care about what we are doing and we hope that, by offering these teaching aids in the store, we are opening up opportunities to many children towards their future!

Our motto - Be Smart & Play fun with Montessori!

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Have a nice day - both you and your children!