DISCOUNTED materials

In this section, you can find discounted items with certain defects, in general not affecting the functionality of the learning material. This is a great opportunity to purchase materials with a significant discount or even below their cost. Most of the goods exist in one copy.

Specific defects can be very diverse, and they are indicated in the description of each material and accompanied by additional images, where possible. 

Usually, these defects are:

  • mechanical damage incurred during loading, transporting or storage (scratches, dents, cracks, etc.);
  • manufacturing defects (scratches, fretsaw cuts, lack of colouration, covering of any element with an overprinted inscription or accidental removal of such element during grinding, glue residues, etc.);
  • various samples of commercial material from other manufacturers that do not correspond to the high requirements of our shop;
  • other defects.

Please note that we do not accept the returned products with defects, do not replace them and do not refund money for them. By purchasing such product, the buyer confirms by the act of payment that heshe agrees to these demands and will not have claims against the shop. 

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Cards for Brown Stair
Small sorting tray
Buckling Frame
Sandpaper Numerals MINI
Decimal Checker Board
Globe of Land And Water
Thermic Bottles
€ 22,90
Thermic Bottles
€ 26,90
Hundred Board
€ 26,90
Set of 4 Cylinder Blocks
Set of 4 Cylinder Blocks
Geometric Cabinet

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